Nothing substantive – yet! Here’s why…

A couple of people who are familiar with the story of what happened to me at the Findhorn Foundation have asked me why none of this has appeared on this blog? I can understand their concerns, but because I prefer to give the Findhorn Foundation a chance to explain itself, I have waited patiently. I will eventually write a full website. However, here is a snippet of what’s to come.

I have had difficulty in getting the information which the Findhorn Foundation was meant to supply me in January 2018. It does appear that key documents were not supplied, or deliberately deleted, to hide what seems to have been a hidden agenda to force me out of my job, because I wanted to introduce workplace health and safety. However, when I raised my concerns that I was being forced out of my job in an email to all members, my email was removed and it was alleged that I was “unwell”. My keys were taken off me.

It was denied that there was any attempt to force me to leave, but, after my keys were confiscated, my manager, Rossana Bonanno (the manager of all work departments) sent the following email to another member of staff:

Screenshot 2019-03-31 at 10.45.12

I came across this email without the knowledge of management. It WAS NOT among the documents that were supplied to me under my Subject Access Request (SAR). I am still waiting for this and other documents to be supplied, more than one year later.

Caroline Matters, the head of Spiritual and Personal Development sent an email on 22nd Dec 2017 at 6:34 pm to all users, which said: “Please be assured that we are supporting Steve and his situation …” This email WAS included in the SAR. Note that management were here using the rhetoric of caring when in reality my ability to communicate by email with my colleagues had been removed. As the non-supplied message from Rossana Bonanno indicates, they were at the same time privately expressing a hope that I would leave!

That is a small taste of what is to come. I ask people to be patient because I do want to give the Findhorn Foundation every opportunity to fully explain themselves, but this is one document that I can reveal now because it has been asked for many times. If it was deleted, I want the Findhorn Foundation to explain why it was deleted.

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