Information Commissioner’s Office finds the Findhorn Foundation is in Breach of the Data Protection Act.

As a former Trading Standards Officer, I prefer to wait for confirmation of the facts before I make any statements. I can now report that the ICO has found that the Findhorn Foundation was in breach of the Data Protection Act as they failed to supply me with the information that I had requested in December 2017. There were also several other counts of non-compliance, for example passing information about me on to third parties, and giving me sensitive information about their own members of staff which was confidential. They have now been given good advice on how to comply.

Interestingly, the Foundation complained to the Information Commissioner’s Office about this blog, thinking that I as an individual cannot write about them. I am flattered to know that my blog is felt to be so important, however, I am disappointed that the Foundation was not aware that people are allowed to blog about them. The ICO advised them that my blog is for domestic purposes and is not subject to the Data Protection Act.

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